June 28, 2019 – July 1, 2019 Oh Canada!

Cruised across Lake Ontario to Kingston, Ontario in Canada.  The Lake was like glass and we put the pedal to the metal (or fiberglass) and took off across the big water.  After so many slow days and “no go” days, our engines deserved a little fun! The temps seemed to drop as we got closer to Canada – or was it our imagination? Could not score the primo marina in downtown Kingston, so we settled for the boat yard marina a few blocks away. Can’t complain.  It was a holiday weekend and we were lucky to get a spot anywhere.  Got settled, then walked into town to get familiar with the city and what was happening for the weekend.   Took a Hop On, Hop Off Tour of the City to get the lay of the land and learn a little history.  Big Band Concert was scheduled for the evening – BINGO!  So we found the spot, but so did some rain.  Not to be discouraged, the group moved over to Monte’s Pub.  Worked for us!  

The next day was a wonderful Farmers’ Market on the Public Square – finally, some fresh strawberries.  We miss the strawberries and peaches and blueberries from home.  Found a few other goodies including Butter Tarts.  We’ve been to Canada numerous times, but this is the first time we have heard SO much about butter tarts.  I think it’s an Ontario thing!  Anyway, it’s like a little round tart with Pecan Pie filling minus the pecans.  What a sugar rush! Later there was Irish Music in Confederation Park and we took a tour of the city hall building.  Beautiful building and learned a lot of history from the tour guide.  For example, the mayors used to have a one year term.  There was an official kind of chain (necklace) worn around the neck for ceremonies and each mayor added a piece to the chain.  Those things got mighty heavy after awhile and a new one would have to be designed and made – starting the process all over.  

Our phone service plan was picked up by a Canadian Service once we got to Canada.  So late Saturday afternoon we were taking a little siesta and suddenly this alarm started blaring in the boat. Jumping up, we were checking the electric panel and any other possible source of the noise.  Were we sinking?  Were the bilge pumps overloaded?  Finally figured out it was our phones.  The noise was a tornado warning being sent thru the Canadian phone services in the area.  OK – we look outside and it’s sunny, blue skies, no clouds.  What the heck?  Later in the evening, some Looper friends were over for dinner and the alarm went off again.  Looked out the window and saw some nasty clouds brewing to our east. So we’re in a boat, in a marina, on the water.  Where will we go if a tornado does approach?  Our best guess was the shower stall in the marina bathroom. Fortunately, no tornado came, but the ducks in the marina were searching for shelter.

Other things we found to do:

Big outdoor arts festival.  Artists from all across Canada.  Such talent!

Walked the streets to see lots of beautiful old homes – not all extravagant, many quaint cottages that look like a fairy tale!

Saw Big Fireworks on the water.  Ed says it was in celebration of my birthday, but I suspect something else!

Ferried to Wolfe Island– another quaint little town, but has a BIG turbine farm – 86 turbines.  Also has a great bakery and ice cream store.