August 7 – 10, 2019 The Big Chute — It’s a Disney Ride!

On the 7th we headed towards The Big Chute.  A little background – first there was Little Chute.  This railway was originally built because there was a shortage of concrete to build a lock at this location.  Later, Big Chute was built “to prevent lamprey – a parasitic eel-like fish with a jawless, sucking mouth – from attaching itself to other fish thus damaging the fisheries in Lake Simcoe.”  The way it works is that there is a twin rail track that goes up from the water, across a road, and down the “chute” on the other side. Boats are put on a carrier and transported on this rail system.  We rode in the boat as this was being done.  Oh, I should add that in this “ride,” there were also 2 center console speed boats and 4 jet skis.  Two of the jet skis were on either side of our bow.  We couldn’t even see them.  We all traveled together in the carrier.  Quite a ride!

After the “ride,” we tied up to a dock below the Big Chute and enjoyed some swimming and relaxing fun.  Andrea and Ken from Half Time were with us and we had a great time – which means ice cream was involved!  We went to the top of the lock to visit with friends on Southern Cross.  They had been so kind to take a video of our ride thru the Big Chute.

On the 8th, we traveled thru some beautiful scenery as we traveled to the end of our journey on the Trent-Severn.  To enjoy the last of our days on this waterway, we stayed at a resort marina – Rawley’s.  At the marina is a hotel and we enjoyed some music and dancing in the bar, a little pampering at the spa, fun with friends, and just a relaxing few days.  At this point we had to say “goodby” to Half Time as they were not continuing the trip west. It’s hard to part with people we have traveled with for several days. This experience binds people in inexplicable ways. BUT, we always hope to meet up again — somewhere along the waterways.  

2 thoughts on “August 7 – 10, 2019 The Big Chute — It’s a Disney Ride!

  1. Sharon & Rich says:

    Loved talking with you tonight, Reading your blog & seeing your photos. We never know who will show up on any given Saturday. Small group tonight. Brackett’s, Jim & Felicia, Marcy & Tony, Rex & Pat & Dimennas
    Hall rented next Saturday, so no dancing at 205. We might get out for Third Saturday Watkins’s Kay & Randy Cook.
    Have a great week.
    Rich & Sharon

  2. Lyndia Jackson says:

    Wow and just amazing. Just when I think this is it and that it cannot be more exiting I see your new blog and love it. Thank you so much for sharing. I love reading and seeing everything through your eyes. It is amazing and exciting the friendships that is made and the memories from this adventure is priceless.

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